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Apple Cabin


  • Sustainability: Utilizing eco-friendly materials and design principles, Apple Cabin homes are built with environmental consciousness at the core, ensuring a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Efficiency: The compact design of these homes is coupled with smart spatial planning, allowing for maximum functionality in a minimal space, ideal for off-the-grid living.
  • Customization: Acknowledging varied personal preferences, Apple Cabin offers a high level of customization, enabling buyers to tailor the space to their specific needs and tastes.

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Join the movement towards minimalist lifestyles with wzhhouse, crafting your dream off-the-grid havens out of upcycled storage units. Dive into the specifics of your ideal habitat in our quote request form, and our team will circle back with insightful queries and tailored pricing.

WZHHOUSE's Apple Cabin lineup rises as an idyllic choice for cultural tourism ventures, delivering finely-tuned answers for widespread challenges in crafting and maintaining serene getaway spaces, deluxe backcountry accommodations, resort enhancements, and themed homestay transformations.

It includes customization private bathroom with shower facilities, kitchen cabinets for different demands.

20ft Apple Cabin Container House (Series No. WZHAC20)

*Building area: 13m2 (140square foot)
*Size for living: 5800mm(L)×2250mm(W)×2530mm(H)

Basic Rooms of Apple Cabin

Living Area: A spacious space awaiting your personal touch to become a cozy personal retreat.
Sleeping Area: Equipped with a capacious bedroom, designed specifically for rest and rejuvenation.
Bathing Facility: Comes with a pre-installed, full-featured bathroom that includes a shower area, Water Mark certified sanitary ware, washbasin, and other facilities.
Cooking Zone: A light-filled kitchen with plenty of storage space, equipped with a sink and customizable layouts to cater to various cooking needs.

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