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30ft Expandable Container Home (Series No. WZHKZX30) 30ft Expandable Container Home (Series No. WZHKZX30) 30ft Expandable Container Home (Series No. WZHKZX30) 30ft Expandable Container Home (Series No. WZHKZX30) 30ft Expandable Container Home (Series No. WZHKZX30) 30ft Expandable Container Home (Series No. WZHKZX30)

30ft Expandable Container Home (Series No. WZHKZX30)


*Building area: 56m2 (603square foot)

*Folding size for travelling: 9000mm(L)×2250mm(W)×2530mm(H) or 2900mm(H)

*Expand size for living: 9000mm(L)×6300mm(W)×2530mm(H) or 2900mm(H)

*House internal plan: bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

*Installation: 90% preinstalled in factory, 4 people within one day can finish

*Loading: 1 unit/40’HQ or 1 unit/40’OT

*Customized available

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Product Information

What is an expandable home?

On the basis of the original container house, it expands the two sides, increases the space by three times, and is convenient to move and build. So it’s also called 3 in1 expandable container house or butterfly container house.

wzh expandable container.jpg

Different layout for choose

Lounge room: Comfortable living area for your DIY.

Bedroom: 0-6 Bedroom options, customized layout to suit your needs.

Bathroom: Pre-installed, fully functional bathroom including:

Separated shower room with full and half flush, Water Mark toilet, wash basin, customized standards(AU/NZ, America, Canada, French, EU, IEC, Standard) mixed tap, cabinet with mirror.

Kitchen: Light filled kitchen with loads of storage, kitchen cabinet with sink, L shape or I shape for your choice.

30ft wzh layout.jpg

The expandable container house is composed of a steel structure and sandwich panels. It includes bedrooms, a living room, dining area/kitchen and bathroom. The house comes equipped with full electrical wiring to many countries' standards, power points and a circuit board. Because of its complete functions and convenient installation, this expandable house is perfect for a man cave, vacation houses, secondary family houses, office spaces, granny flats, temporary accommodation, donga, pool house, gym, teenagers retreat, home office, pickers shack, shearers cottage, FIFO home, and even AirBnB apartment, etc.

wzh house model.jpg

wzh expandable home.jpg

wzh container.jpg

Do you want to see different type of external decoration? Just click the below picture and operate wzh house software to make your mind real.

wzh diy house program.jpg

Contact us to communicate with our designer directly, your dream is coming true.

Container House Features & Benefits:

• Extremely fast installation – Can be living in the house in a matter of days.

• Internal and external walls are made from light weight steel. The walls can be painted or left in the supplied cream colour. The walls are easily washed (hosed) on the outside and wiped down on the inside.

• Highly insulated from outside heat and cold. Well insulated to retain inside heating and cooling.

• Well-sealed to prevent dust ingress

Fire resistant – The walls and roof are made from steel sheets with a non-flammable internal core. The floor is made from MGO board and the structure is made from galvanised steel.

• It's possible to re-locate the house with little fuss. Just disconnect services, remove the kitchen cabinets and partition walls then fold it up and crane onto a truck.

Thermal: Great thermal properties with the Styrofoam walls and roofing. When an air-conditioner is used, the heat or cooling is well retained keeping power bills low.

Fully termite proof: an all steel structure, with floor beams and joists being galvanised steel,

All walls are made from sandwich panels which have a thin sheet metal outer and inner layer and a Styrofoam inner core. Flooring structure is MGO board.

Rodent and pest resistant: Walls, floor and roof do not have a cavity, all but eliminating pest habitats.

• High quality floating floor provided for lying over the top of the structural floor.

• World-wide delivery

• Available for single or bulk purchase prices

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