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Why The Flat Pack Container Is So Popular?

2021/3/18 14:31:47

The biggest feature of the flat pack container house  is the professional design , which fully meet the people's requirements for living , such as the heat insulation , heat resistance and sound insulation of the prefab houses. Integrated modular houses are not only professional design , but also standardized,modular and general.
20ft Flat pack container house is constructed by the light weight painted cold rolled galvanized steel frames and insulated sandwich panels ( EPS or glass fiber ) , these cabins are strong as well as aesthetically pleasing . The ability of flat pack the units allows for significant transport savings as they can be transported to site in kit form and four units are loaded in the same space as one standard 20ft shipping container . The units are erected on site when assembling , which are very easily joined and stackable up to 3 story or larger units as well as space savings , while still being easily dismantled for redeployment elsewhere as elsewhere as either the original unit or smaller individual units.

The Flat Pack Container

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