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​Steel structure house building VS concrete building comparison

2019/8/13 16:34:53

Steel structure house building VS concrete building comparison

Steel and concrete are two kinds of building materials, very common and frequently-used, they are also always work together for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. We’d like to introduce their symbiotic relationship, difference, as well as their merit and demerit, so that you can choose the most suitable one for your project.we are steel structure house manufacturer and provide steel structure house.

Steel and concrete work together

Generally, cement and steel need to work together for foundation of a steel building. Steel in different forms of rods, bars or mesh to embed in concrete to be reinforced concrete. This type combination can increase the strength and resistance to the stresses caused by wind, load, earthquake and other forces. Concrete buildings also need steel to hold the concrete to avoid it dried and cures.

Steel and concrete buildings’ difference

Reinforced and poured concrete is typically used in framing of a cement building, but steel structure buildings are pre-engineered in the factory, steel beams, columns, purlin and other parts delivered to on site and then assembled by bolts.

1.Strength and durability

Because of steel’s better tensile strength, higher density, it makes the buildings more durable and versatile, better than concrete.

2.Design flexibility

Can realize large span, high-rise, easy to expand, save construction process.


Both steel and concrete need enough energy to produce, but most of concrete  materials can not be recycled, 90% steel structure building materials can be reused or make new products.


Although the steel materials price is changeable depending on the market, considering the design flexibility, lower maintenance cost and fast build, steel structure building cost will be more economical than cement.we are steel structure house manufacturer and provide steel structure house.

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steel structure house manufacturer and steel structure house

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