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Small Prefab House, Light Steel Frame Villa, Prefab House Townhouse.

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Product Information

Light Gauge Steel Framing (LGSF) are widely used for Residential Buildings, Commercial & Industrial buildings, Institutional Buildings and Modular & Offsite portable Buildings all over the world. This system is made up of C-shape and U-shape cold formed steel, using 0.8-1.5 mm high quality Galvalume and Galvanized steel.
All top and bottom chords, studs and noggins are pre-punched, notched, and dimpled to ensure your wall frame fits together perfectly
Non cyclonic areas require studs at a minimum 600mm centers.
Cyclonic areas require studs to be at 450 centres
Standard wall height are 2400mm to 3000mm
WZH integrates the inner insulation material with outer waterproof siding and finishing. It meets the requirement of energy-saving and acoustic and insulation performance, and provides a variety of visual effect on the building facade.
Where you could use LGSF Wall frame?
  • Interior partitions (walls in offices, apartments, rooms etc
  • Wind screens
  • Interior modules/compartments
  • Flooring (for floor or ceiling)
  • Enclosure panels
Perfect solution in construction of extension and partition internal areas to be used as offices, rooms, etc. non-welded bolt-up. Ideal flexible design, light weight and strength performance help to solve all construction issues in time and manage the costs in the most efficient way.
Design Options
The versatile system provides extensive design choices, no matter it is an existing design, working with our expert team to develop a custom design or a selection from our collections.
Intelligent software by FrameCAD streamlines engineering, designing and detailing processes; ensuring house can be repidly built and easily duplicated, while being strong, durable and fit for purpose. It can conform to Australia Standard, New Zealand Standard, USA Standard, and Europe Stand.
On-site Erection
WZH Simple construction methods, training and support enable buildings to be assembled quickly using common tools and local labor even in remote and challenging environments.

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