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Cold-formed LGSF Roof Truss Design


Steel Roof Truss, Light Gauge Steel Roofing, Gable Roof Steel Structure.

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Product Information

Roof truss made from light gauge steel framing (LGSF) are light-weight, fast installation, anti-corrosion, flexible design. Extraordinary durability save foundation of construction from overloads.

WZH provides diverse available roof options covering metal sheet, mason tile, terracotta tile and asphalt tile etc. Along with other specialized roof supporting systems, the client not only enjoys the elegant facade, but also is guaranteed the excellent acoustic and insulation performance. Produced and assembled with our technology roof truss enable quick and easy construction of a roof structure, maintenance of ideal frame design. Our engineer team will design the roof frame in accordance with the requirements of efficient construction standards, and limit snow loads determined for the particular region.
How to design a roof truss
  • Engineer will analysis building structure on site or using provided drawings. 
  • Design according to all load, such as snow load, wind load, etc
  • G550 Construction steel used for production will ensure durability and light weight of roof frame
  • Zinc coating Z275g/m2, or Aluzinc AZ150G/m2 ensures maximum protection of steel frame against corrosion
  • Seasonality: WZH Roof frame can be assembled at any time of the year and under all adequate weather conditions

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