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How to prevent the sinking of steel structure house foundation

2019-7-11 14:44:01

How to prevent the sinking of steel structure house foundation

The sinking of several steel structure workshops in steel structure workshops is the most concerned issue. What should we do if we encounter such problems?

First, the basic requirements of the basic design

The reaction force of the foundation bottom surface is unevenly distributed due to the relatively large eccentric load, which may cause a large inclination of the foundation, and even affect the normal use of the plant, especially the crane factory.

Second, the mechanical characteristics of the steel structure plant foundation

The foundation of the steel structure factory usually adopts a separate foundation and is designed according to eccentric compression.

For gantry-framed steel structures with low heights and without cranes, the connection of the column feet to the foundation is usually hinged. The foundation top is only affected by the vertical pressure generated by the superstructure and the horizontal forces generated by the wind load. The basic bottom surface generated by the horizontal wind load has less eccentric bending moment and the basic design is relatively simple.

In the application of the new specification, the author found that the new steel gauge has some new regulations and calculation methods for the axial force members; the old specifications are sometimes conservative and sometimes not very safe, so everyone must be in the design work. It is necessary to keep pace with the times and constantly learn new norms in order to make good designs that are both economical and safe.

Third, the general method of basic design

Can be made, but can not be used flexibly in actual combat. Today, the eccentricity often becomes the control condition of the base bottom size. The foundation bearing capacity does not control. The larger eccentricity will cause the base bottom surface to be too large (sometimes the side length Up to 6m or more), very uneconomical, unacceptable in engineering. After analyzing and comparing some specific projects, the author believes that such problems can be solved in the design process by the following methods:

1.Using an eccentric foundation

The principle is equivalent to pre-adding a reverse bending moment in the direction of the larger bending distance to reduce the eccentricity. However, due to the two-way effect of horizontal wind load and crane load on the plant, the unfavorable combination of positive and negative directions should be selected for verification and control. The current steel structure design program “STS” is not able to check the eccentricity. Designers can select several sets of unfavorable combinations and check them with other auxiliary programs such as “Right”.we provide steel structure house,you can know it.

The eccentric foundation usually reduces the basic size, but for cranes with a large tonnage and cranes with a working level of A6 to A8, this method should be used with caution.

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